About Ego Shop

Ego Shop is creating a new Ecommerce Business model--- Ego shoppers can get better local shopping experience through online ecommerce technology. Through the app, Ego shoppers can easily order products, request delivery, make payments, request small loans as well as get the newest promotions from local sellers.

10 Things You Should Know About Ego Shop

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We have created this amazing E-commerce model to combine online and offline shopping experience --- So you could get the best experience and best deals from our sellers.


You can use Ego Shop’s location functionality to find the closest Ego Sellers.


You can use Ego Shop to reserve products, make payments, request delivery service as well as receive exclusive Ego Coupons.


Every day, we have limited quantities of “the best deals” supported by sellers to market their signature products.


We also gain revenue by selling ad space to local business where you will see the label “ Shop recommendations”.


You can make purchases via your balance in Ego Shop and receive Ego points from Ego Shop transactions. These points could be used to redeem coupons or gifts.


We work with many financial institutions to help you obtain the small credit loans to provide you with an easy to use shopping experience.


You can write reviews to introduce your favorite products to other Ego Shoppers.


Every local seller can setup a free account to post photos, coupons and message their customers so you can access the newest promotions or best deals through the app.


You can access Ego Shop via any iPhone or Android device with internet access.


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